Remi C.
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Dublin, Ireland
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Business Development

Digital Marketing

Community Management

Talent Acquisition
  • Account Executive
    2016-current , Ireland
  • Head of Business Development & Co-Founder
    Refer Me Please
    2015-current , Ireland
    70% of companies have an employee referrals program. Only 49% of employees take advantage of referral programs, because they don't know anyone to refer.

    That's where 'Refer Me Please' steps in.

    Refer Me Please is a new professional social network, where jobseekers can connect directly with employees working in their dream companies, and employees can find candidates suitable for open roles within their company.
  • Business Relationship Consultant
    2015-2016 , Ireland
    I help Sales & Marketing leaders to adapt to changing customer behavior and implement strategies to engage clients in a more relevant and effective way.

    Oracle's intuitive cloud software in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Social encompass the entire customer life-cycle allowing organisations to sell more, learn more and grow more.

    I love to share our client's success stories, so feel free to get in contact with me.
  • Business Development Manager Canada
    2014-2014 , France
    Elteg develops Saas solutions for franchises (Multi-site CMS…) and hotels (PMS…)

    Responsibilities include:
    - Analyze the Canadian Market potential
    - Understand prospects’ needs and set up an adapted development strategy
    - Build Relations with Canadian Resellers

    - Market study of Franchises (500 in Europe – 200 in Canada), Web Agencies (65 in Quebec & Ontario) and Hotels (1600 in Quebec)
    - Identification of new clients/partners : 1 collaboration agreement reached with a reseller
    - Creation of presentation documents : for CMS, PMS & Yield
    - Activity on social media : + 350% followers, creation of 3 partnerships for a competition

    Achieved : 100% of the objective + 1 deal reached with a reseller in Canada
  • Account Manager France
    2013-2014 , Canada
    Global Business Development of Software Editors

    Responsibilities include:
    - Analyze the French Software Editors Market
    - Identify, develop and close business opportunities

    - Creation of a prospect list : 180 French software editors adapted to our strategy
    - Cold calling and networking : 112 companies reached (success in reaching CEOs in 66% of the cases); 22% interested, 26% possible future interest, 18% no interest
    - Negotiating contracts : 2 deals closed
    - Recruitment : 1 business manager recruited

    Objective: 1 contract / 45k $
    Achieved: 2 contracts / 70k $
  • Student Brand Manager
    2012-2013 ,
    Responsibilities include:
    - Promote Microsoft before students in Nancy

    - Definition of a development Strategy : creation of 5 strategic partnerships
    - Setting up of a Microsoft Community in Nancy : Won 3 national competitions out of 5
    - Media management of Microsoft : 600 followers on social networks
    - Events organization and sponsoring : 20 events – more than 7 000 concerned students
    - Sales promotion of new Microsoft products to students : Office 2013, Windows 8, IE 10…

    Best Student Brand Manager in France: 1st/65
    Achieved: 475% of the objective
  • Sandler Sales Accreditation
    Dublin Institute of Technology
    2016-2016 , Ireland
  • MSc in International Business Development
    ICN Business School
    2014-2015 , France
  • Master in Management
    ICN Business School
    2011-2014 , France