Kévin B.
1-3 years in Entrepreneurship
X-Googler | CEO of Refer Me Please | Entrepreneur
Île-de-France, France
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  • CEO & Founder
    Refer Me Please
    2015-current Paris, France
    Think about Refer Me Please as the for jobs.
    Refer Me Please is a new professional social network, where jobseekers can connect directly with employees working in their dream companies, and employees can find candidates suitable for open roles within their company!
    We're on a mission - a mission to redesign the way recruitment works by leveraging the awesome power of employee referral programs.
  • SMB Account Manager
    2012-2015 Dublin, Ireland
    From January 2014 onwards: Associate Account Strategist Key Account Management:
    - Manage a portfolio of more than 300 hundreds AdWords accounts
    - Ensure all accounts are in a growth phase and advise customers on account's strategy
    - Upsell AdWords features, such as YouTube, Display, Remarketing, Search and Mobile to make sure customers make the most out of AdWords and get positive online campaigns results
    Side projects:
    - Analytics and Attribution modelling GURU (POC for France)
    - Delivering tracking tools trainings to measure online campaigns impact

    From October 2012 to January 2014 - Associate Account Strategist Customer Representative:
    - Handle requests from AdWords customers regarding online campaigns performances via chat, mail, phone
    - Upsell AdWords features to improve customers ROI
    - Deliver outstanding customers relationship based on customer satisfaction survey (above 90% of global satisfaction)
    Side projects:
    - Customer Education lead and 1:N trainings, mostly via Hangout on Air (create decks, and train customers)
    - Business Associate Captain (in charge of communication-: ensure trainings, events and messages are well delivered all over EMEA to BAers (Google + page, videos, posters...)
  • Event & TV Channel Partnership Assistant
    Canal +
    2012-2012 Paris, France
    CANALSAT, subdivision of Canal +, biggest private TV Channel company in France.
    Few words about CANALSAT, this Canal + subdivision offers to its customers an access to more than 300 TV channels, national or international, including (to name just a few) MTV, ESPN, Universal, Eurosport, Disney, CNN...
    Working within the marketing department, and more specifically within the Events & Partnership department one, my responsibilities are wide and go through:
    - Plan events on a yearly basis and national area
    - Lead marketing actions with medias (advertising companies, TV channel companies, PR companies, and any players which would want to use our services)
    - Participate to strategic's partnership with TV channels companies to promote their TV shows/movies/documentaries...and CANALSAT
    - Manage all the requests coming from the sales, marketing and advertising department to coordinate marketing and business development actions
  • Distribution Assistant
    2011-2011 London, City of, United Kingdom
    -Monitor in-flight VOD’s orders
    -Gain presence on TV screens in lobbies headquarter for FTSE 100 quoted companies
    -Assist with hotel distribution : work off existing hotel target list
    -Research priority European market’s Financial institutions
    -Monitor European Subscribers Report
  • Key Account Manager Assistant
    2010-2010 Paris, France
    Sales Administration:
    - Monitor pricing policy
    - Monitor after-sales products
    - Monitor and analyze logistics tracking orders
    Manage tail customers (around 10 accounts with an estimation of 25 Keuros each per year)
    Ensure communication operations to end customers
  • International Marketing Events Assistant
    Dassault Systèmes
    2010-2010 Paris, France
    Follow the schedules of events in each of 6 regions of Europe, including :
    - Synergy with other marketing activities (web-marketing, telemarketing…)
    - Monitoring of the objectives of each of these campaigns, with the update of a weekly Dashboard
    - Assistance in preparation of events
    - Provide an interface between the marketing team brands of Dassault Systemes and local marketing team
  • Master of Science in International Business
    North Carolina State University
    2011-2012 North Carolina, United States
    US Socio Political Environment
    US Business Law
    Consumer Motivation in Retail Environment
    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Human Resources Management in the US
    Innovation in the US
    International Banking and Fiscal System
    MARCOM in the US
    International Business
    Project Management
  • Master In Management
    SKEMA Business School
    2008-2012 Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur, France
    Private Law
    Economic Intelligence & Knowledge Management
    Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    Statistics & Quantitative measurement
    Corporate Finance
    Risk & Crisis Management
    Operations & Information Systems
  • Bachelor in Private Law
    University Lyon 3
    2005-2008 Rhône, France