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As within top Tech companies and Consulting firms referral processes are a major part of the recruitment, Refer Me Please allows the communication between the counterparts, employees and candidates, and enables them to get insights and thoughts about the possible matches.
Clearly it’s a unique experience to facilitate the chances of a candidate to get hired by a company he’s attracted by, a brand-new and easiest communication for the employees to interact with interested profiles to refer.


What I liked the most about Refer Me Please is the simplicity and its unique approach towards job hunting. These days, nearly every job is hard to come by for people with less experience or for those who wish to change their career direction. Refer Me Please offers you a way to get noticed by the biggest and most elite companies!


I received 15 emails from employees that wanted to refer me in companies such as Google, Oracle, LinkedIn… I even had to decline some of them. After several interviews, I decided to accept an offer from Oracle.


Thanks to Refer Me Please, I am able to connect candidates to employees in a few minutes and make them match. This new tool suits to interests of everybody. With this platform, I enjoy helping people like Mélanie to skip some recruitment step and find new opportunities within my company.


When you are contacted by an employee from a company you could be interested in, you know that you are a potential match for the company and more importantly, you can be sure your CV will be seen by the right people on the HR side, which is I think the most difficult thing when you are looking for a job.
Refer Me Please also gives you the opportunity to talk directly with the employees, so you can get some advice and tips on how to behave during interviews, know a bit more about what people, in their company, are looking for.

Creating opportunities has never been so easy


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